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Fitrah Review

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The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

“Indeed some forms of speech are magical.” – Bukhari

If you are a Muslim who enjoys reading and conscious of words that can influence your Islam positively…

Then you have found the right place to inspire and be inspired by others who share same passion as you.

Consider this to be your Islamic literary portal: read testimonials from Muslims about our site, navigate through our resources and activities, and take part in our series of writing contest.

Today Muslims have become a people that speak not to be listened to, but only to be heard. Whereas our prophet, Allah bless him and bring him peace, spoke concisely by his words and strengthened those words by his actions, we have become a people that speak to critique but do not actively follow up with any solution. We seek to intimidate rather than educate, our words become apologetic rather than empowering and controversial rather than inspiring, we let people of other faith tell our story rather telling our story ourselves and these have gifted us names (such as Terrorists, Fanatics etc.) that do not belong to us as Muslim. To counter this we need to recognize the importance of communication and our ability to express ourselves effectively to all peoples, and one such way to do so is through the art form that moved the hearts of the people. A well written metre and rhyme of verses arranged with skillful play on words touches the heart of average listener or reader. Fitrah Review presents an opportunity for many of us to express our innermost thoughts in a manner that does not always get discussed and hope that all those who read us will do so as well.

Fitrah Review is committed to promote Islamic poetry and other form of arts that are halal because poetic expression has been a hallmark of Islamic tradition since the birth of the faith. In the days of the Prophet’s, Allah bless him and bring him peace, earthly life, Hassan bin Thabit, Allah bless him and bring him peace, recited poetry to the Prophet, Allah bless him and bring him peace, himself. For centuries, the lilting sound of the Burda of Imam Busiri has captivated the hearts of the believers. There is something to be said for the melodious lilting tunes of poetry that moves the human heart. Students of rhetoric will appreciate the metre and rhyme of verses arranged with skillful play on words; to the average listener or reader, poetry simply touches the heart.

Though in recent times, we have seen a decline in this art form that moved the hearts of the faithful. Some choose to call these forms of expression forbidden, but that which is written within the confines of the Sacred Law cannot be rejected. While we are under constant vilification from external forces that wish to demonize our faith and our beloved Prophet Allah bless him and bring him peace. We need to return to the means of our predecessors who made the expression of their love for the beloved of Allah a constant act of worship. Insha Allah it will be a means by which all of us will gain awareness that our words carry, and the beauty of Islam will be known through our actions, and it will be a stepping stone by which our words will become something that are listened to and not only heard something that inspires and spread peace.